About Us

This center was set-up 8 years ago by a wonderful optimistic lady whose fight with cancer led her to be an ardent believer in the power of natural healing through the use of alternative therapy. With the intention of helping others, she sought and furthered her career in naturopathy to gain the knowledge in finding the best alternative therapy to treat her illness. In the process, she learned the techniques and skills of electro-acupuncture diagnosis (EAP) using the BICOM device to diagnose and treat existing diseases as well as detect forthcoming problems which may lead to diseases and illnesses in the future. She shared her knowledge with family, friends and eventually strangers who like her, wish to seek a more holistic approach in healing themselves.

This center is dedicated to her passion, her believe, her dedication, her entrepreneurship, her optimism, her strength, her compassion, her motherly love and her power of motivation in helping others feel better mentally and physically by seeking alternative healing methods in order to achieve better health and live a healthy life style…. As Health is Wealth!

We now continue her work with the knowledge, passion and love that she has taught us as a mother. We aim to provide more than just any ordinary therapy service. We are committed in supporting our client’s health both physically and emotionally wherever possible.

Every case is treated individually and specifically according to the BICOM bioresonance diagnosis and therapy. Our therapy center’s friendly environment serves to make our client’s feel comfortable and relax. We have treated many children, toddlers and babies too, as our therapy is painless and non-evasive. We are ever ready to listen and assist you in your health problems wherever possible.

We would like to thank our mother, Datin Rosy Tan for all that she has done for her clients through the years and for giving us the opportunity to continue her work.

Sherman & Shevonne Xavier
Naturopathic Physicians
Bicom BRT Specialists (Germany)
Directors, Bioresonanz Technique Sdn Bhd