The BICOM Bioresonance Therapy


Bioresonance therapy belongs to the category of empiric medicine such as homeopathy, acu-puncture and other natural healing methods and has been used for more than 25 years in human medicine.

Despite our affluences and astonishing scientific advances, more and more people are still suffering from chronic disorders and diseases, not just adults, but young people and children too. As such, new approaches and research have been made in diagnosis and alternative therapy: The BICOM Bioresonance therapy. This kind of therapy is a painless, non evasive method of treatment and can be applied for various illnesses. Our aim is to help you as best and quickly as possible.

What is BICOM Bioresonance Therapy

BICOM Bioresonance is a special diagnostic and therapy procedure which has paved the way for a whole new approach to medicine. It is a gentle computer controlled oscillation therapy without any side effects stimulating the self healing powers and in most of the cases leading to recovery.

Different electromagnetic oscillations are emitted in the human body i.e. cells, tissue and organs have their specific oscillations. These single oscillations are in mutual correlation and influence each other. Together, they form the patient’s entire oscillation spectrum, the individual oscillation pattern.


Electrodes are placed on certain parts of the body (depending on the particular organ treatment), to receive and transfer electromagnetic oscillations to the BICOM device. The BICOM device, picks up the patient’s oscillations from the surface of the skin and conveys them via a lead to the input of the device. The Bicom device then phase inverts the pathological, disturbing energies in the body. These oscillations are changed and then returned to the patient’s body in the form of healing therapy oscillations which are suitable for reducing or cancelling the pathological signals i.e reducing the pathological energy. As such, this enables the body’s own physiological regulatory forces to regain control and direct the biochemical processes harmoniously. The body is never exposed to any kind of current.

The BICOM Bioresonance therapy considerably strengthens your own defence and self healing powers.

Background to chronic disorder

A number of stresses affect people today: Chemical additives in our food and drinking water, environmental toxins, radiation stresses, countless chemical substances, the use of medicines in livestock breeding, etc.

These stresses can become all too much for some patients. We see the result is in the form of non-specific disturbances to wellbeing, chronic fatique or even serious physical dis-turbances.

It is interesting to discover that in patients with the same clinical picture, there are often completely different underlying causes. Unfortunately, it is not always possible using conventional means to pinpoint these different, highly individual causes.

Chronic, numerous or long-lasting stresses can put too much pressure on the body’s ability to heal itself

As a general rule, the body has very good self-healing powers. The body possesses a phenomenal regulation system which can even help to restore equilibrium over and over again in response to unusual influences acting on the body.

If the body experiences too many or too serious chronic stresses over a prolonged period, this can impede or even block the body’s regulatory ability as well as its self-healing powers.

The Basis of Bioresonance therapy

Major new findings in technology have led to astounding advances which are now being applied to medicine. Findings from the area of biophysics and quantum mechanics have opened up amazing possibilities and have led to impressive developments in technology.

Every form of matter is made up of energy and also emits this energy.

Matter is compressed energy and emits energy

Every substance and therefore every cell, every part of the body but also viruses, bacteria, pollen etc. emit energy and therefore have a specific, typical wavelength or frequency with an entirely individual characteristic. This is also termed the frequency pattern.

Cells communicate with each other. Exchange of information takes place between the various cells in the body. It has since been proven that cells communicate with each other by means of “flashes of light”. They exchange information via certain frequencies. In a healthy body, this exchange of information functions unhindered. Each cell or part of the body can fulfill its task.

However, if stress inducing influences or substances (toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals and heavy metal, etc.) or stress-inducing radiation are able to affect the body, their disruptive frequency patterns can in turn impede communication between cells.

If communication between cells is disturbed, this will prevent those cells from functioning properly, and this can lead to a disturbed wellbeing, physical exhaustion, chronic fatigue and later through organic changes and related symptoms as well.

Stresses can be determined individually and precisely using BICOM bioresonance diagnosis

A human being is 65% water. This liquid not only serves as a nutrient medium for the cell but also for a waste deposit for stressing substances in case that it all gets too much for the elimination organs such as liver, gall, kidney, intestine, etc. Unfortunately it is not easy for laboratory methods to access this region.

The frequency patterns of substances can be recorded with the BICOM device and their effect on the patient’s body can be determined. This is carried out very quickly and entirely painless. It can be discovered which stresses are making the patient ill (eg. bacteria, viruses, allergens, electro-smog, chemicals, etc.).

Therefore, the body’s own regulatory system is supported and stimulated by the BICOM Bioresonance therapy. This un-hinders communication between cells and stressing substances can be set free and eliminated.

What kind of Illnesses can be treated with the BICOM Bioresonance Therapy?

Pathological oscillations accompany or aggravate almost all illnesses. Therefore, almost all illnesses can be treated with the BICOM device. Most often, astounding results can be obtained where other methods or remedies were not successful at all or so far, or could achieve nothing but a slight relief.

The following illnesses/diseases can be treated:-

- Allergies - Insomnia - Viral Infection
- Autism/ADHD - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Parasite Infestation
- Asthma - Liver Detoxification - Bacteria Infection
- Chronic pain - Joint & Muscular Pains - Chemical Detox
- Diabetes support - Migraine - Degeneration Disease
- Eczema
- Osteopathic Diseases - Orthopedic treatment
- Fertility problem - Pre & Post Operation - Teeth & Gums
- Food Intolerance - Heavy Metal Detox treatment  
- Hypertension - Quit Smoking - Vaccine Strain
- Heart Disease - Sports Injuries - Multiple Sclerosis


Individual treatment plan is drawn up and possible complementary measures such as Dr. Beck’s protocol, recommended food and dietary intake are advised. The number of treatments depends on various factors, such as the acute or chronic condition of the patients. Please feel free to discuss this with our therapist.

What can you do to effectively support your Bioresonance treatments?

During the entire period of treatment, drink plenty of water with a low mineral content - at least 2 litres a day! Only plain water with low mineral content can eliminate the damaging substances removed from your body by the therapy and therefore it is the ideal detoxification drink.

Do not drink any coffee, tea or alcohol at least 6 hours before and after each therapy sessions!

Also, eat as little sugar as possible, as sugar damages the intestinal bacteria and also actively encourages many of the disorders associated with the intestine.

Tiredness following therapy, hot flushes or chills or slight perspiration are all reactions to the therapy and usually subside fairly quickly.

Finally, the patient must believe and feel optimistic about the therapy in order for it to work effectively, as the healing of the body is also involves the mind and the soul.